Autologous hair transplantation

Due to hair-loss, baldness is the most common aesthetic problem in men: over time baldness extends, and hair bulbs (where hair regrowth should start) shrink. Baldness’s reason are many and quite common: stress, inheritance, smoking or pollution.

Scientific research has sought new and definitive solutions to this problem, often caused by skin diseases, considering the shortfall of hair in an area always exposed to the sun, such as the head. Autologous hair transplantation is the most efficient method to address the problem and solve it.

This treatment provides an excellent aesthetic result along with “lifetime”growth " of any transplanted hair, which involves no further treatments.

At the beginning of surgery, some small follicular units (consisting of 3 or 4 hair each) are taken, removing a millimetric part of the scalp inclined (so as not to damage the bulb which is inclined as well). The microholes created heal with no visible marks left, thus making the surgeon’s work invisible.

After the withdrawal, the surgeon punctures the sites for receiving the grafts, placing them according to a predeterminated pattern and density depending on patient and doctor’s previous decision.

The autologous hair transplantation occurs through the insertion of the withdrawn follicular units into the microholes prepared for the graft. As both units and micro-holes measure about 1 mm, no visibile scars remain and healing is almost immediate. The operation lasts about three hours, but does not involve hospitalization.