Eyelid Surgery

Face appearance undergoes dramatic changes over time: initially barely noticeable, they become increasingly visibile, and good make-up can no longer hide the signs of ageing. Aesthetic surgery helps us, offering minor, non-invasive surgeries, which may turn our face younger and fresher.

Eyelid surgery is one of these. According to individual’s needs, it removes sagging skin around eyelids and bags, and, if desired, to reshape and reposition the eyes cut. Is is advisable to operate on the upper eyelid when the skin in excess causes a lowering of the eyelid itself, sometimes even imparing lateral vision. For the lower eyelid, instead, it is possible to use eyelid surgery when the so called "bags", due to orbital fat’s emiation, are marked, giving the face a tired and swollen appearance. Discolorations (dark or bluish circles), found on lower eyelid’s skin and wrinkles around the eyes, (the so-called crown’s feet), are unlikely to be removed through eyelid surgery, although a remarkable improvement will be observed thanks to skin lifting. It is possible to intervene surgically either on individual upper or lower eyelid: if necessary, all four eyelids can be treated simultaneously. Scars resulting from the surgery are small and almost invisible and are easy to mask with a good concealer. In the upper eyelid the scar lies in the furrow shown when we open our eyes and in the outside corner of the eye. In the lower eyelid, the scar is even less visibile, since it is placed just below the eyelashes and may extend only a few millimeters beyond them.