Bedsores surgery

Bedsores are skin ulcerations, which usually occur in long-time bedridden patients, especially if weakened by surgeries or serious diseases.

The patient affected by paralysis is the most problematic situation. Bedsores develop even in very young people, and hence the quality of healing must last over time.

These ulcerations occur due to the prolonged pressure usually exerted by a bone salience against a resistant surface, as a bed surface may be.

The structure located between these two, i.e. skin and subcutaneous tissue, receives a reduced blood supply. As a result, it "dies", with the consequent formation of eschar.

traditional treatments, it takes long for bedsores to heal as they delay the implementation of any medical and physiotherapeutic treatments that should start as soon as possible.

Long-lasting, sometimes extended wounds, are somehow like a “tap” through which patients lose substances indispensable for the organism, such as water and proteins.

Many plastic surgery techniques can solve the problem.

Bedsores treatment

The first step consists in the so-called "escarectomia", i.e. the surgical removal of devitalized tissue; it follows the rapid preparation of the ulcer and then the surgical wound closure.