Swan-neck finger

What is it?

Swan neck finger is a deformity of the finger due to injury of extensor apparatus coinciding with the central articulation of the finger.

It is often caused by closed traumas (without wounds) related to lateral deviation of the finger

Among the most common causes:

  • Fingers’ traumas - even slight - without wounds Sports-related injuries

  • Finger joints dislocations

  • Fingers wounds

What are the symptoms?

  • Wounds on the back of the fingers

  • Distal phalanx hyperextension

  • Inability (or pain) when bending fingers

  • Motility alteration

  • Pain in the central portion of the finger

  • Swelling at interphalangeal joint

  • Pain when moving the fingers

How is it treated?

All the wounds of the hand should be surgically explored

“Noble” structures are many and even a small nerve and/or tendon tearing can be easily treated if recognized in emergency.

Often the treatment is surgical.

In the postoperative period patient should wear braces, and physiotherapy is often recommended to promote healing.