Trigger finger

What is it?

It is an inflammation of the tendons of the hand fingers

What is it?

  • Among the most common causes:

  • Excessive exertion compared to muscle tone

  • Diabetes

  • Hand traumas – even slight

  • Exertion due to manual work (gardening, carpentry, etc..)

  • Exertion due to sporting activities

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

What are the symptoms

This tendinitis causes:

  • A pain at the base of the fingers and the palm of the hand,

  • localised swelling at the base of the finger,

  • Spontaneous finger lock,

  • Difficulty moving hand, especially in the morning.

How is it treated?

If possibile, try to avoid any activities causing inflammation.

Initially, conservative treatment is recommended, including physiokinesiotherapy and corticoids infiltrations

In the most resistant cases, surgery is performed for tendons debridement, whose duration is about 10 minutes, through a small incision in the wrist under local anesthesia.

Subsequently, simple physiotherapy excercises are recommended to promote healing.