Skiers finger

What is it?

Skiing-related traumas are often mild and the pain in the thumb can be suggestive for a lesion of the collateral ulnar ligament at metacarpophalangeal joint.

This is a very strong ligament that limits finger excursion, and,if damaged, involves instability of the thumb.

The lesion often occurs following falls with extended thumb ( and falling with ski-sticks in hand is the most frequent cause ). Often the injury is not promptly detected, but the pain in the thumb is constant. Small, repeated traumas can determine a continuous stretching up to a fracture (gym trauma)

Among the most common causes:

  • Falls onto the ground

  • Traumas - even slight - of the thumb

  • Sports-related injuries

  • Continuous pain in the thumb

  • Road-traffic accidents

What are the symptoms

  • Inability (or pain) when moving the thumb Tingling and/or numb fingers

  • Pain at the base of the finger dorsally Swelling

  • Hand pain

  • Pain when gripping something

How is it treated?

Often surgical treatment is the most appropriate treatment

In the postoperative period patient should wear brace, and often physiotherapyis recommended to promote healing.