Outcomes of trauma and burns of face, hands, arts, abdomen, chest

The treatment of traumas and burns outcomes may be either conservative or surgical.

Essentially, the conservative treatment entails the use of creams by patients for a daily massage of the areas concerned generally performed not less than three to six months from the traumatic event and silicone sheets bandage with compressive and softening effect on the scars.

Surgical therapies include both traditional surgical (flaps, grafts, multiple Z or W-plasties) and cutting-edge laser techniques.

Surgical techniques using flaps, grafts or dermal expansion, are intended to replace the scar tissue, retracted and scarcely extensible, with better quality, no scar tissue. This results not only in a functional improvement, but even in considerable aesthetic benefits for the patient. Retracting scars may then be debrided with multiple Z or W-plasties techniques.

The new laser technologies, then - especially new CO2 Fractional Laser and Erbium - allow improving scars quality, reducing their thickness and eliminating thicker and unsightly portions.