With the term “fillers” we mean all those substances which, when injected, fill wrinkles and increase the volume of some areas such as lips, cheekbones and depressions of various kinds.

Basically, they are divided into resorbable and permanent fillers.

The first are completely resorbed over a period ranging from a few months to about two years and belong to two large families: collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Permanent fillers are synthetic and organic substances that, once injected, stay in place permanently.

As mouth is one of major turn-ons on a woman, the demand for lips fillers increases every year. Women’s lips are often emphasized by lipsticks and pencils with the aim to create a supple and appealing structure. This is the reason why many women opt for definitive or long-lasting treatment, and turn to aesthetic medicine for increasing lips volume.

Techniques adopted to increase lips volume will vary according to patient’s situation and may be evaluated together with a surgeon or a trained physician, depending on the individual case.

The only complications concern possible sensitivity reactions or allergy to injected substances and the rapid resorption of the fillers injected (since resorption time varies from one individual to another).