Hand fractures

What is it?

Fractures may also minimally involve thr small bones of the hand.

They may be divided into fractures

Open or Closed (whether associated with wounds or not)

Comminuted or simple (depending on how many fragments fracture creates)

They may involve joints

Among the most common causes:

  • Falls onto the ground

  • Violence

  • Finger traumas – even slight - without wounds

  • Sports-related injuries

  • Finger joints dislocations

  • Road-traffic accidents

What are the symptoms

  • Inability (or pain) when moving fingers

  • Numb or tingling fingers

  • Pain in the central portion of the finger

  • Swelling

  • Pain

How is it treated?

Often the most appropriate treatment is immobility through brace

If the fracture involves joints, or it is associated with wounds or the fracture line is longer than the bone diameter, surgical treatment is required.

In the postoperative period, patient should wear a brace, and physiotherapy is often recommended to promote healing.