The development of mammary gland in men is a natural event related to biological processes during puberty, but if in adulthood a decrease does not occur, the volume growth of the male breasts can cause considerable psycho-sociological discomfort.

Many times, men feel deeply uncomfortable about having breast larger than usual.

Overweight people and the sporting subjects who take substances to increase muscle mass are most at risk for breast hypertrophy.

Sometimes the problem occurs in the case of excessive testosterone conversion to estrogens, or due to the intake of female hormones, or to liver inability to effectively eliminate estrogens in excess. In these cases, we talk of true gynecomastia.

Aesthetic surgery mainly consists in removing the mammary tissue or fat in excess and restore a more natural shape in the patient.

The operation gives the patient a toned and masculine chest. Generally performed under local anesthesia, the surgery lasts approximately 2 hours and does not leave visible scars.

After the operation, the patient needs to wear a compressive girdle for about 1 month. Besides, he should not practice sports at all.

It is however crucial to contact a specialised plastic surgeon.