Ams remodeling is a lift reducing the usual fatty deposit that creates that annoying effect of sagging and drooping arms, i.e the so called flabby arms. Calles also brachioplasty, this surgery is often requested by patients who have lost much weight, do not practice any sports or are old.

Before the surgery, blood tests, electrocardiogram and chest X-ray are required. Pre-menstrual period or ongoing menstruation contraindicate this operation. Patients should discontinue taking medications containing acetylsalicylic acid two weeks before the surgery; antibiotic therapy will start the evening before and continue for six days further.

The technique used is liposuction’s, i.e. excess fat is sucked to reduce arms circumference. Subsequently, through an incision in the axillary fossa, excess skin is removed.

Brachioplasty does not involve a complex postoperative course: for about one week patients should wear an slightly compressive, elastic bandage, while arm stitches will resorb naturally within four or five days. Then patients can return to work, while it is advisable to wait at least one month before practicing sports.

The only complication that may occur is that the longitudinal incisions might be visible, but as said before, they are performed only when arms are severely drooping.