Thighplasty is a surgical intervention usually aimed at removing the excess skin from the inner surface of the thighs and possibly of the innermost portion of the buttocks, while restoring firmness to the inner skin of the thigh.

This surgery is performed in the operating room under general anesthesia. Medial thighs lifting: involves incisions that, starting from the inguinal region, extend to the inner part of thighs basis and, going backwards, to the buttocks area.

Through these cuts, the skin of the thighs and even buttocks, is lifted, stably "anchored" with deep sutures, and any skin/fat excess is removed. The skin is then sutured to the new position. Circumferential thigh lift: in addition to the already mentioned incisions, this surgery involves the "circumferential" scars extension throughout the pelvis, along the beltline to both hips. Also here, through the incisions, the skin of both inner and outer thighs/buttocks is lifted, stably "anchored" by deep sutures, and the excess skin/fat is removed. The skin is then sutured to the new position. The residual, permanent, scars coincide with the cuts described.

The scars left after this intervention will become less evident over time, but are permanent, even if they may be concealed by a plain slip. It may take 9-12 months for scars to completely heal.