Augmentation mastoplasty

This is one of the most practiced surgery. It is used to increase breast volume in case of reduced breast development, or when breast appears sagging or drooping after a slimming diet, breastfeeding, etc.

Often breast augmentation is associated with mastopexy. Surgery Techniques:

Prosthesis insertion: through incisions in the inframammary crease, in the lower half of the areola or in the axillary fossa, the surgeon creates a space above or below the great pectoral muscle where breast implants will be placed; the prosthesis can be filled with cohesive silicone gel combined with physiological solution.

In cases where there is intolerance to silicone, prostheses with polyurethane surface may be used.

Stem cells: after being withdrawn from other areas of the body, fat is prepared with various methods and then injected with micro cannulae between the muscle and the mammary gland.

This technique can be utilized only for small volumes.

Hyaluronic acid: although not useful to increase the volume of small-sized breast, it helps to change their shape by injecting volumes of hyaluronic acid. However, we should bear in mind that this substance will reabsorb within 15 months and everything will then return to normal.