Reduction Mastoplasty

Breast reduction surgery is necessary to reduce volume and shape of too large or sagging breast. It has then both aesthetic and functional purposes: let’s think about, for example, those cases in which the weight of the breasts cause postural problems (scoliosis), skin irritation, excessive sweating up to bad smells due to lacerations under the breast.

Surgery technique: depending on breast size and shape, there are techniques that leave scars around the areola, around the areola plus a vertical line, T-shaped scars.

Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia with the patient supine, arms and trunk perfectly aligned. The surgeon cuts along the drawings provided, performs the dissection of the gland from muscular plane and then glandular/cutaneous excess is removed as previously planned. What remains of the mammary gland is remodeled and the areola /nipple complex is grafted in a more cranial position. Two drains and skin suture complete the surgery. Once surgery is over, drains are inserted and the residual gland and skin are sutured. At the end of the operation, we will have a circular scar around the areola, a vertical scar up to the new mammary furrow and one along the furrow, more or less extended, according to the technique adopted and the volume to be reduced.