Mini abdominoplasty

A sagging abdominal region is a very common situation in subjects who had one or more pregnancies, but also in those who have experienced a sudden weight loss.

A prominent abdomen may be the result of weight excess, muscles weakness, pregnancy or the loss of skin tone that no longer responds to diets or exercise.

Abdominoplasty is aimed at removal of excess adipose tissue and skin folds in the central and low abdomen, not so much to reduce weight, but to lift abdominal wall and improve a prominent abdomen appearance.

When possible, stretch marks are removed along with excess skin, with a dramatic improvement of the general appearance. The surgical firming is implemented by two methods: the traditional (abdominal dermolipectomia) and the most innovative one (mini-abdominoplasty or microsurgical abdomen lifting). The operation may be combined with abdomen liposuction.

In “mini-abdominoplasty", the skin and underlying tissues are "unglued" only between suprapubic incision, shorter, and the navel, without transposing the latter. A recti muscles “plication” (repositioning) and a possibly related liposuction will be then carried out ". The procedure is especially suited in the case of skin redundancy below the navel, it is quicker than a full abdominoplasty, and sometimes may also be performed under local anesthesia, with conscious sedation, in day hospital conditions (no hospitalization required).