Chin and lips reshaping

Our face is our calling card and lips are a primary means of communication even at expression level.

Imperfect lips or chin are not really pleasing to the eye and may create problems of various nature in daily relations. Here again, aesthetic surgery comes to our aid through a range of surgeries aimed at lips and chin reshaping.

The most commonly performed operations are related to lips’ volume increase; conversely, lips reduction is seldom requested.

Usually, thin lips’ volume is increased, often redefining and filling a mouth that has undergone transformations over time, losing tone and thinning.

In other cases, instead, surgery demand is due to purely aesthetic reasons.

Several lip-filling techniques exist: the quickest method consists in the insertion of permanent or resorbable synthetic products, that do not require an actual surgery but give satisfactory results.

It is necessary to administer anesthesia by a fine needle. The injection should be given at nerves emergence points, until the area to be treated is totally numb, thus avoiding change lips volume with liquid anesthetic.

Other anaesthetic techniques, such as, for example, the use of anaesthetic creams or cold, are appropriate only in cases where a quick injection is required for increasing lips volume.