Body remodeling by lipofilling

Body lipofilling is a filling aesthetic intervention, which involves the reinjection of purified fat withdrawn from the patient himself, in the body area to be treated. This surgical technique is especially suited to re-shape some body areas such as buttocks and calves. Fat is taken from those body areas featuring excess or plenty of adipose tissue.

A thorough and detailed specialistic examination is necessary before lipofilling surgery; patients need to state clear what are their expectations while the physician, seeking the right balance between what they want and what is obtainable, must carefully evaluate the characteristics of their skin, to choose the best surgical procedure to implement. Besides, he must be informed about their health state (allergies, chronic diseases, etc) and habits (diet, smoke, alcohol drinking, medications taken, etc) to avoid any interference during and after the surgery.

Lipofilling is generally performed under pure local anesthesia or sedation, in day hospital conditions.

The popliteal and the interglutea fold (respectively skin folds of knee and buttocks) are the most common access routes used during surgery aimed at the increase in calves and buttocks’ volume. As they are hidden in the folds, resulting scars are virtually invisible.

Lipofilling-related complications are rare and include persistent sieroma, infections, prolonged swelling, injected fat resorption. Since the operation involves autologous fat the reinjection, there is no risk of allergies or rejection.