Face lift surgery

Many are the factors that may affect face wrinkles formation, ranging from sunlight to skin conditions and underlying bone structures. Wrinkles smoothing (or facelift) entails facial skin and muscles tightening and lifting, and even excess fat removal, if required.

Surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia or even analgesia (intravenous sedation plus local anesthesia). As anaesthetic drugs are administered while they are already asleep, during surgery patients feel no pain at all. Surgical procedure takes about three hours to complete, depending on the amount of work to be done, and goes from neck to scalp.

Traditional facelift involves the removal of a small strip of hair in the temporal region and behind the ear so that no visible scars will appear at the hairline, thus allowing patients to wear their hair high over the forehead. Sometimes surgery may require the removal of extra skin under jaw line as well. Skin excess is removed and the thinnest suture threads are used. After the surgery, a compression bandage is applied.