Commonly known as “botox”, Botulinum toxin is a drug increasingly used in aesthetic surgery and consists of botulinum toxin type A purified, whose injection blocks the nervous impulse to the muscles.

It is a substance already present in our body, which is responsible for our tissues elasticity.

Botulinum toxin is therefore used to eliminate the so-called expression lines resulting from mimic muscles contraction, between the eyebrows, interciliary wrinkles, crow’s feet and for the excessive perspiration treatment as well.

The toxin is injected into the muscles involved: the first results are visible within about 10 days and last approximately 3 months.

Although there are no contraindications to the use of botulinum toxin, allergic reactions cannot be ruled out. As a result, it is safer not to inject botox during pregnancy or in individuals with neuromuscular problems. It is also advisable not to take aspirin 2 weeks before treatment.