Cubital tunnel syndrome

What is it?

The syndrome of cubitale tunnel is a condition where the ulnar nerve is compressed against elbow. The increase in volume of the tunnel structures cause nerve crushing ( edema for fractures , traumas, arthritis, cysts , tendons inflammation, deformities) . However, in many cases the cause is not clear. Sometimes it is precisely the nerve to be involved (diabetic neuropathy, cervical compression from cervical hernia)

Among the most common causes:

  • Unknown origin

  • Diabetes, thyroid diseases

  • Bone fractures of the arm and the elbow Tendinitis

  • Repeated manual work

  • Motorcycling

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

What are the symptoms

  • Sensitivity alterations (hand numb, heavy, hot, cold,tingling)

  • Night pain, tingling, burning sensation in the 4-5 fingers

  • Falling objects from hands

  • Difficulty opening bottle, turning key Strength decrease

  • Wrist swelling

  • Difficulty moving hand, especially in the morning

  • Pain radiating from hand up to the arm

  • Neck pain

They can be completely silent

How is it treated?

Initially, conservative treatment is recommended, including physiokinesiotherapy, medications and corticoids infiltrations (neuroanalgesia), braces.

In cases where the pain is severe, several surgical interventions can be carried out, depending on disease severity. When the nerve is decompressed, the tunnel increases in size by approximately 30%. Subsequently, physiotherapy is recommended to promote healing.